In light of the recent SEBI / Exchange directive, we are discontinuing our Digital Gold product (GoldRush) with immediate effect. Your Gold is safe with StockHolding. While you can no longer buy Digital Gold, you can still give request for withdrawal through our platform using your login credentials. Off line customers can give withdrawal request at the nearest StockHolding branch. You may contact us at for any clarification.

GoldRush FAQ's

What is Gold Rush?

Gold Rush is a Gold Accumulation Plan where you can buy gold at your convenience for as low as Rs. 100/- only and accumulate it in your gold account, exactly like your Rupee Savings Bank Account. Gold Rush enables you to purchase a fractional amount of gold, accumulate it securely in MMTC-PAMP’s high security vault.

Why should I participate in Gold Rush?

Convenience to buy gold on line for as low as Rs. 100/- at a known price.

Is not a Systematic Investment Plan; buy at your will.

See your gold holding the way you see your Rupee savings account.

No lock-in period; withdraw at your convenience for as low as ONE gram of gold.

The assurance of two trusted names, viz. Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited and MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited for fair pricing, assured purity, storage and withdrawal of your gold.

About Stock Holding Corporation & MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited

About StockHolding Corporation and MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited?

Stock Holding Corporation of India is a Public Limited company, jointly promoted by leading banks and financial institutions and is a subsidiary of IFCI. For more details, please visit:

Stock Holding Corporation offers custodial and post trading services, depository services, e-stamp, duty collection etc.

MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. Is a joint venture between MMTC Limited, a Govt. of India undertaking and PAMP Switzerland, global leader in refining bullion and global referee for precious metals. For more details, please visit:

MMTC-PAMP is India’s first and only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery accredited Gold & Silver refinery.

What is the LBMA?

LBMA stands for The London Bullion Market Association, which is an International trade association representing the market for gold and silver Bullion with a global client base. LBMA’s main role is setting and maintaining global standards for gold and silver, universally recognized as the de-facto standard of quality assured and assayed bullion. For more details, please visit:

How to open an account and accumulate gold in Gold Rush

How do I open my account for Gold Rush?

Click on the icon “Register” on the screen

Proceed as directed therein.

How can I start accumulating gold under Gold Rush?

You need to register yourself and open an account under Gold Rush.

After validation of account you can start purchasing and accumulating gold for as low as Rs. 100 per transaction.

You will see your accumulated gold balance, in gms of .9999 fine gold, the same way you see your Rupee account.

What are the documents I need to submit for the opening of my Gold Rush account?

Self-attested copies, and originals for verification, of the following:

Proof of address (Passport/Ration card/electricity bill (not more than 3 months old)/Voter id/Aadhaar/Telephone landline bill)…….. Anyone.(Aadhaar number to be masked)

Proof of Identity (PAN Card/Aadhaar/Passport/Voter Id) ….. Any one.(Aadhaar number to be masked)

For Non Residential Indians a valid passport is required and with Indian address for delivery of coins.

Pricing of gold and fees and charges applicable for registration

How the Pricing of gold is done?

The price of gold is derived from the international price of gold in USD, the applicable USD: INR exchange rate and the applicable customs duty.

Gold Rush displayed price is the Rupee gold rate per gm of 0.9999 purity fine gold and you can purchase gold at the displayed price.

You may purchase gold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Very rarely, due to serious market disruption, we may suspend purchase for a short period of time.

What are the fees/charges for Gold Rush?

There is no registration fee; registration is free.

What is the maximum and minimum quantity for purchase under Gold Rush in single transaction?

Maximum limit of purchase is Rs. 10 lakhs along with valid KYC & other required documents.

Minimum purchase transaction is Rs. 100/- per transaction.


What are the modes of Rupee payments accepted by Gold Rush?

Electronic bank transfer from banks.

Debit cards/Credit cards are also accepted.

Cheque are accepted when deposited off-line.

ECS facility is also available.

Payment made through Debit/Credit cards/NetBanking will attract payment gateway charges.


After purchasing gold, when can I see gold grams credit into my metal account?

The gold grams are transacted instantaneously at the gold price you see on the screen in Online Goldrush account.

For offline account allotment will be done on clear credit sighted in StockHolding account.

You will see the gold credit in your metal account no later than the immediate following working day.

In the interim, you will see your transaction as “as pending for allotment”.

What if the price of gold changes after I have made a purchase and the metal is “pending for allotment”?

Since the transaction is instantaneous, you are not impacted by any change in the price of gold during the “pending for allotment” duration.

Can I cancel my gold purchase?

Since the transaction is implemented instantaneously, it is not possible to cancel your purchase of gold.

What if I want to wish purchase gold on a Public Holiday is it possible?


Custody and Vaulting

Who is the custodian of my gold till withdrawal?

StockHolding is the custodian of your gold and MMTC-PAMP renders custodial services. Your gold is stored in the fully secure vaults of MMTC-PAMP at all times, protected by armed commandos provided by Haryana police.

The vault is internationally insured for all eventualities, including against terrorism.

What is MMTC-PAMP Vault?

The MMTC-PAMP’s state-of-the-art vault resides deep inside its secure facility in Haryana, guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year by armed commandos.

A full-fledged police station is located just in front of MMTC-PAMP manufacturing facility.

The gold you have accumulated is stored in this vault, with your guaranteed ownership and your gold is insured against any contingency, including terrorism.

Withdrawal of gold accumulated under Gold Rush

How do I withdraw my gold?

Gold accumulated should be one gram and above.

Select the quantity and denomination of the gold you wish to withdraw.

Confirm the making / delivery charges per denomination.

Confirm the transaction after checking your delivery address and do the payment

Your gold product will be delivered at your notified address.

You can track the delivery by logging on to your account from time to time.

Can I take the delivery of the gold I purchase through GoldRush?

Yes, you are the legal owner of the gold.

Is there any limit on accumulation before withdrawal or it is limitless?

There is no limit on the quantity of gold you wish to accumulate.

Minted Product Range

What is the range of gold products available for withdraw?

1 gm, 2gm, 5gm, 10 gm, 20 gm, 50 gm and 100 gm, all in .9999 fine gold.


What are the delivery charges?

Location wise delivery charges are available on the website.
Click here to view GoldRush Shipment Charges.

Is it possible to take delivery at other than the address on my account?

No. Since we are dealing in precious metal, delivery will happen only at registered address.

Can I instruct to take delivery at the nearest StockHolding outlet?

Yes, but only in case your PIN code comes under the non-deliverable location then only you can take the delivery from nearest StockHolding branch.

How can I be assured that the gold coins delivered to me are genuine and trust worthy?

The gold coins are directly dispatched from MMTC-PAMP manufacturing unit.

All the coins are delivered in sealed packaging.

All the dispatches are camera recorded at the time of dispatch.

Can I track my delivery?

You will receive an email notification sent to the e-mail address on your account advising shipment is en route.

The e-mail will also provide you the link that will allow you to track the delivery further.

You can also view the status of shipment and delivery by clicking on “MY ORDER” section in your account.

Sale of accumulated gold

Can I sell you the non-withdrawn gold balance in my account?

Since the minimum withdraw able quantity is as low as one gm, you can sell us your fractional gold holding less than one gm.

The fractional holding set off price gets displayed on your screen.

This can be done during closure of your GoldRush Account.

Closure of account

How do I close my account?

Login to your account.

Ensure your metal balance is NIL by withdrawal of any balance and by taking delivery of any withdrawn gold in storage.

Sell any residual quantity less than 1 (one) gram gold in your metal account by clicking on “set off”.

Note: you cannot re-open a closed account. You will need to open a fresh account in Gold Rush.

How do I contact StockHolding?

You can contact us:
Telephone our customer service team: 1800229960
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Contact Address:
Stock Holding Corporation Of India Limited
Goldrush customer service team
301, center point, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road
Opp Bharat Mata Cinema, Parel
Mumbai – 400 012