In light of the recent SEBI / Exchange directive, we are discontinuing our Digital Gold product ( GoldRush) with immediate effect. Your Gold if safe with StockHolding. While you can no longer buy Digital Gold, you can still give request for withdrawal through our platform using your login credentials. Off line customers can give withdrawal request at the nearest StockHolding branch. You may contact us at for any clarification.

Terms & Conditions

StockHolding Corporation of India Ltd, herein after referred to as StockHolding offers GoldRush Plan which enables Customers to purchase physical gold of 24 Karat' purity at 999.9 fineness’ in small quantities at periodic intervals. Gold is transferred to the client’s account concurrently and the gold earmarked for the purpose is kept aside. In this Plan, Gold is purchased on behalf of the investors net of GST. The daily price of the gold shall be available on website The plan is neither a financial product NOR a deposit, but is a mode of purchasing gold for the personal requirements of the customer. StockHolding offers no investment advice or any assured returns while promoting the plan. Participation under this plan is open to Resident and Non-Resident individuals (having Indian correspondence address), including minors (through their guardians).

Business Day
Business day referred to herein means any day on which the LONDON Bullion market and banks in India are open for business excluding Saturday or Sunday or a day declared as holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 or a day on which normal business could not be transacted due to storms, floods, bandhs, strikes, riots or any other similar events.

GoldRush Account
A unique account number shall be generated after successful registration and verification of KYC documents.

Customers can start purchasing gold grams after successful registration and allotment of customer id subject to credit of funds. Minimum purchase amount shall be equal to or more than Rs. 100/- and in multiples of Rs. 1/- thereof. The remittance of the purchase amount shall be made online by debit card/credit card/net banking.

Allotment of Gold
Gold in grams up to 3 decimal places rounded down shall be credited to the customer's account on T+1 day after receipt of clear fund in Stock Holing Bank account.

Rate :The Applicable Rate shall be displayed at the time of placing the order

In case of erroneous credit of gold to the customer's account, StockHolding reserves the rights to reverse such credits at its sole discretion.

Purchase /Invoice Statement
A purchase /invoice statement shall be generated and viewed by the customer in his login id. The statement shall reflect the purchase amounts paid by the customer and the gold grams credited into the account.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance
Customers shall provide copies of acceptable proof of identity and address ( Originals required for verification). In the event, the total purchase amount exceeds Rs. 49,999/- anytime during the tenure of the Plan or in single purchase, copy of the PAN card of the customer( Original required for verification) (Designated guardian in case of a minor) shall be mandatorily required.

Nomination is mandatory for all customers except minor registered under this Plan. In the event of death of the customer, the nominee (or the designated guardian of the nominee in case nominee being a minor) can take delivery of accumulated gold under this Plan at the registered Indian address of the nominee. In case the registered address falls in the nonserviceable area, the delivery of gold has to be collected from nearest Goldrush StockHolding branch.

Safe Keeping
The gold purchased on behalf of the customer shall be stored at a Safekeeping agency on a consolidated basis i.e. daily purchases across all its customers.

The Plan is non-transferable and the delivery shall be made solely to the Customer/Nominee( in case of death of the customer), in Person The Customer can place a request for delivery of the gold, in form of coins/bars, accumulated in his account provided the customer has a minimum of 1 gram credit in his account. In case, the balance in the account is below 1 gm, the customer shall purchase additional gold to make the balance in the account to minimum of 1 gram. The Customer having more than 1 gram of gold in their account can place a request for delivery of the gold, in form of coins/bars, accumulated in their account only in the denominations of 1 gram or in multiples thereof. In the event of accumulation of any fractional gold grams i.e the balance in the account is less than 1 gram after taking delivery and the client wishes to close their GoldRush account, the same can be sold to StockHolding at the prevailing set off price for such fractional gold grams, subject to the applicable charges/taxes. The customer has option to choose bar in case the gold accumulation is or exceeds 10 gms in his account. The customer shall specify the denomination preferences and pay the applicable making charges, delivery charges and the applicable taxes as per the denomination preferred. The gold coins/ bars shall be delivered to the customer within 7 to 12 business days from the date of realisation of the making charges,delivery charges and applicable taxes. In case the customer's registered address falls in not serviceable area the delivery of gold has to be collected from nearest Goldrush StockHolding branch. In case of customer taking delivery of gold from a state other than his state of residence the customer will be responsible for movement of goods from the respective nearest StockHolding branch to their location and StockHolding will not be responsible for any documentation required from GST perspective or any other regulation in such case.

StockHolding shall not be responsible for any losses arising after delivery of the gold coins/bars to the customer. The customer shall get the invoice at the time of Delivery of the Metal as “Proof of Delivery” . Delivery requests received shall be processed by T+1 day after receipt of clear fund in Stcok Holing Bank account (T being the date of acceptance). Customer will have to provide copy of the proof of identity at the time of delivery.

Force Majeure
If the performance of any obligation of StockHolding is prevented, restricted or interfered with by reasons of any force majeure event, StockHolding shall be excused from performance to the extent of such prevention, restriction or interference. If the force majeure event persists for a continuous period of seventeen working days and StockHolding is not able to purchase the gold during the said period in consequence thereof, StockHolding shall refund the purchase amount of such failed transaction to the account of the customer within three days from the expiry of the said seventeen working days.

Rejection of KYC
In the event the KYC documents are rejected for any reasons whatsoever, StockHolding reserves the right to reject any on any grounds whatsoever, including for non compliance of requisite norms.

However, once the account opening request is accepted, the customer shall not be entitled to cancel the purchase and or claim refund of the purchase amount paid. The purchase amount received from a customer cannot at any given point of time be transferred or assigned to any other person or persons.

StockHolding reserves the right to introduce any additional charges/levies upon prior written notice to customers and to modify at any time the terms and conditions of GoldRush or incorporate new conditions if in the opinion of StockHolding it is considered necessary to expedient to do so in the interest of public or otherwise for proper conduct of the service. StockHolding shall maintian all the details of the customers confidentially and StockHolding shall be entitled to disclose the same to the service providers for transaction processing as and when required by statutory, legal or regulatory authority. Disputes, if any , are subject to the exclusive jurisdictions of the courts at Mumbai. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of India. I have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the Plan as contained herein and I agree that the same are binding on me/ us.